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Online course
October 23th to 26th, 2021

Module 2 - Cycle 2


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The Colombian Association of Radiology - ACR and the European Society of Neuroradiology - ESNR are carrying out in Colombia the second cycle of the European Course of Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology in Latin America (ECNR LA).
This is an advanced intensive course divided into 4 modules, with the equivalence of the courses that the ESNR carries out in Europe. The participant who completes the 4 modules and passes the respective exams can apply for the European Diploma of Neuroradiology (EDiNR)*.

The second module of the course (Tumors) will be held from October 23 to 26, 2021 in virtual mode, with live transmission and will include the participation of renowned professors from Europe, North America and Latin America. The program will include keynote lectures in the morning sessions and in the afternoons there will be interesting case analysis workshops in small group rooms.

The course is aimed exclusively at radiologists and radiology residents.
*EDiNR is not equivalent to a fellow in neuroradiology nor is it an accreditation to practice as a neuroradiologist. For more information about EDiNR click here.



Thematic lines of the second module of the course:

CNS tumor classification, genetics, and gliomas
Gliomas and neuronal tumors
Intra and extra axial tumors
Imaging and treatment of CNS tumors
Column Tumors



Andrei Holodny.jpeg

Dr. Andrei Holodny

New York, U.S.A.


Dr. Bruno Policeni

Iowa City, U.S.A.

Antonio Maia.jpeg

Dr. Antonio Maia

Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Dr. Carlos Rugilo

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dr. Antonio Rocha

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Dr. Carlos Torres

Ottawa, Canada


Dra. Carolina Tramontini

Bogotá, Colombia


Dr. Fabrice Bonneville

Toulouse, France


Dr. Jorge Dávila

Ottawa, Canada


Dra. Katarina Surlan

Liubliana, Eslovenia

Natalia Montes.jpeg

Dra. Natalia Montes

Medellín, Colombia

Cesar Rodriguez.jpg

Dr. César Andrés Rodríguez

Bogotá, Colombia


Dra. Feliza Restrepo

Medellín, Colombia

Juan M S.jpeg

Dr. Juan Andrés Mora

Bogotá, Colombia

Leandro Lucato.jpeg

Dr. Leandro Lucato

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Dr. Nicolás Sgarbi

Montevideo, Uruguay

Diana Gomez.jpeg

Dra. Diana Gómez-Hassan

Ann Arbor, U.S.A.


Dr. Francisco Rivas

Ann Arbor, U.S.A.


Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz

Santiago, Chile


Dra. Majda Thurnher

Viena, Austria


Dra. Pia M. Sundgren

Lund, Sweden

Renato Hoffman.jpeg

Dr. Renato Hoffmann

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Dr. Roy Riascos

Houston, U.S.A.


Dra. Sonia Bermúdez

Bogotá, Colombia


Dr. Zoltan Patay

Memphis, U.S.A.


Make your registration online through this website clicking on “Register”



ACR Radiologist

ACR Resident

Members of societies with agreements

Non associated radiologists and residents 


$ 800

$ 670

$ 850

$ 900

To pay for the modular exam, please visit the European Board of Neuroradiology website, using the following link

The values in USD are approximate. The transaction will be made in Colombian pesos. The final value will depend on the current TRM. Taxes will be added (VAT 19%).

*The Associate radiologist must be up to date on the annual payment of their membership.

**The international agreements that apply for discounts are:: Argentina (SAR y FAARDIT), Bolivia (SBR), Chile (SOCHRADI), Costa Rica (ACRIM), Ecuador (FERI), Spain (SERAM), Guatemala (ASORADGUA), Honduras (AHR), Mexico (FMRI y SMRI), Nicaragua (ANRI), Panama (SPRI), Peru (SOCPR), São Paulo (SPR), Uruguay (SRIU), Venezuela (SOVERADI), U.S.A. (ARRS). The participant must provide proof of membership to obtain the agreement rate.

Refund Policy: If you can not attend the event, a refund of 50% of the amount paid will be made (includes operating and commercial financial costs and expenses generated by the transaction). The refund will be made in the 30 days following the date of termination of the event. Applications must be sent to contabilidadacr@acronline.org


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